The “Showcase” Compendium

The Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire, kept at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna

The ad astra vita australis Compendium


The primary motivation behind this philanthropic initiative is to create a compendium which showcases individual and organisational ties with space health/space medicine and the life sciences (“SMLS”) named “ad astra vita australis” in order to raise awareness on both a local and international level, and in the hope that this will assist in fostering linkages and partnerships around space life sciences projects.

Although a key goal behind the Compendium is to support the Australian SMLS sector, both our international colleagues (“The Global Village“) and tertiary students (“The Next Generation“) also very welcome to participate, and we will integrate these two additional sections into the Compendium.

The Showcase Compendium will provide an opportunity for individuals passionate about the space life sciences to be represented alongside larger organisations and businesses.

What are the “space life sciences“?
NASA’s definition: “The space life sciences study interactions between living organisms and characteristics of the space environment. These studies specifically address the structure and function of living organisms in space and interdependent relationships of organisms with each other and/or the space environment while also touching on the origin, evolution and potential for extraterrestrial life.”

This initiative has been designed as an open collaborative compendium to which anyone can contribute. It is intended as a living resource directory and database available to be consulted by industry, Government, academia, media outlets, and individuals (such as tertiary students) seeking expertise in the space life sciences. A key aim over time will be to make the Compendium as comprehensive as possible.

Populating the Showcase

Participants will be asked to contribute a short biography/organisational description and a photograph/logo. Google Forms have been set up to receive contributions from both individuals and organisations, and this Dropbox link will be used to receive digital photographs and other documentation. Submissions may also be made via email.

We undertake to respect the wishes of any person or organisation declining involvement.

Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire:
~ Left image: CSvBibra (Gryffindor) – Own work, Public Domain,
~ Central image: CSvBibra (Gryffindor) – Own work, Public Domain,
~ Right image: Bede735c – File:Holy Roman Empire Crown (Imperial Treasury).jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0,
~ Charlemagne quote:

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