SANS – Space Associated Neuro-ocular Syndrome

We are pleased to bring you a further blog post from our special guest editor, Philip Vukovic – BSc (Melb). Many thanks to Philip for this very informative article. With prospects of a long-duration spaceflight mission to Mars, it is of vital importance that appropriate countermeasures are developed to prevent Space Associated Neuro-ocular Syndrome (SANS) during spaceflight, andContinue reading “SANS – Space Associated Neuro-ocular Syndrome”

The Jus Ad Astra Project – human rights in space

We are delighted to share the latest newsletter from the Jus Ad Astra Project regarding human rights in space, and a link to a recent article about the Project. As well as the rights to water, a breathable atmosphere, and a habitable environment, the ‘right to health’ is also an important human right, as humansContinue reading “The Jus Ad Astra Project – human rights in space”