Space Health Symposium 2020 Images and Infographics

Every good library needs some beautifully crafted book-ends, and our journey through the Space Health Symposium was no different. It started with a wonderful inspirational and uplifting opening message from Dr Robert Thirsk, Canadian philanthropist and former astronaut, and concluded with a thoughtful summary by medical student Vienna Tran, a member of the next generation of spaceflight professionals. Vienna created the fabulous infographic below:

Summary of the Symposium (created by Vienna Tran)

If that wasn’t enough, we wanted to provide all participants with a tangible memento to take away with them, and asked for three words to describe their best impressions of the the Symposium in order to create a “word cloud”.

As many more people were at the Symposium than just those at the final session, we would like to invite all participants to contribute to the word cloud until the end of October. To contribute, please go to Menti and use code 74 15 07 5.

Word cloud of impressions from the Symposium (collated from the responses of participants)

We had 350 people from around 30 countries register for the Symposium, plus 55 speakers and session chairs from Australia, North America, Europe and India – a real global village! “Space exploration is a team sport!

Graphic based on registration statistics (created by Melanie Ward)

If you have any questions please send an email to

Thank you for your interest in the Symposium!

Perhaps if we “dream big” this may be a way of bringing us all together once a year to talk about the things we are passionate about…

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