CAPCOM News – January 18, 2021

From NASA – 2020 Tied for Warmest Year on Record

By most accounts, 2020 was a rough year for the planet. Globally, it was the warmest year on record, just barely exceeding the record set in 2016. Overall, Earth’s average temperature has risen more than 2 degrees Fahrenheit since the 1880s. More About Our Warming World.

Featuring the “Space4Women Show”

The Space4Women Show offers a weekly webinar on a wide range of space-related topics, usually in the afternoon European time. The S4W Show has been built upon the Space4Women initiative of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) with the objective of facilitating access to the benefits of space exploration, science and technology, STEM education, and STEM careers for women and girls around the world in alignment with Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 5.

Webinar Series – Empowering Health Leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic

This webinar series is being offered by the Israeli Ministry of Health, Nursing the World to Health, and the WHO Collaboration Center for Leadership and Governance in Nursing. Remaining topics are scheduled for 18 and 28 January, and 4 and 8 February (usually held in the afternoon GMT+2). For further details click here.

Medical Student Rotation at SpaceX (US citizens/residents only)


SpaceX is currently building the world’s next human spaceflight capability. We’re actively supporting a wide array of mission types – revolutionizing access to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) with cargo and crewed Dragon missions, returning humans to the Moon by developing a Human Lander System (HLS) for NASA’s Artemis program, and rapidly developing Starship, the first rocket and spacecraft designed to support crewed trips to Mars. As a medical student at SpaceX, you’ll assist in clinical care, public health promotion, and clinical research at SpaceX. You’ll work under the supervision of SpaceX flight surgeons and fellows and assist with their responsibilities including working collaboratively with NASA and other customers. SpaceX is seeking excellent, team-oriented medical students who have a passion and interest in human spaceflight.

Jus Ad Astra: A Pioneer Human Rights Project in Space Law

Join us on 25 January for the first face-to-face meeting of the Space Association of Australia for 2021 – all welcome! If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, please register to join us remotely via Zoom or watch the live stream on YouTube. Our monthly public meetings are streamed online and then uploaded to the SAA YouTube channel – SAA.TV

Date: Monday, 25 January 2020
Time: 7:00 – 9:30 pm AEDT
Venue: Golden Gate Hotel, 238 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne
Details & Zoom reservations:

Getting there:
By car: Car parking is best in Coventry Street west of Clarendon Street.
By tram: Route 12 (via Collins Street), Stop 127 (York Street, then walk south) or Stop 128 (Dorcas Street, then walk north).

Our Guest Speaker:
Jonathan Lim – Project Co-Lead, is an Australian lawyer, geopolitical analyst, and cybersecurity analyst. He holds a Juris Doctor, Master of Legal Practice, Bachelor of Arts, and Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity from Monash University, the Australian National University, and RMIT University. His specialisation spans cyber warfare, cybersecurity, Chinese foreign policy, Australian foreign policy, and international space law.

Join an Australian Youth Aerospace Association State Committee

We are excited to announce that the AYAA is now recruiting new members to join the State Committees! Have a passion for Aerospace and are keen on sharing? You’re in luck! Multiple positions are currently available within the various committees and are seeking applications! Applications will close on the 25th of January 2021. For more information and individual State committee vacancies click here.

As an AYAA committee member, you have the opportunity to:

  • Access an established national network of exceptional peers with heavy roots within the Aerospace industry
  • Develop strong interpersonal skills relevant to your career
  • Access invaluable work experience with opportunities to work with some of Australia’s largest Aerospace companies such as; Boeing, BAE Systems and DST
  • Make a long-lasting impact by working closely with primary, high-school and university students.

AYAA is an Australian NFP volunteer organisation, run by and for the next generation of the aerospace industry. We provide a networking service, connect youth with industry, and inspire ourselves and our peers through a mutual sense of community and camaraderie – united in our passions and interests. Our purpose is to enrich the aerospace industry by providing the youth of Australia with awareness and opportunity.

To stay in the loop, please follow us on Facebook via For any questions please contact Matthew Berry at or message AYAA on Facebook.

DEADLINE EXTENDED – Join the US National EMS Advisory Council

Applications to serve a 2-year term are due Monday, January 25, 2021. Joining the National EMS Advisory Council (NEMSAC) is an excellent opportunity to get involved in EMS at a national level and make a difference in your community. Complete applications must be received on or before January 25, 2021, at 5 pm EST.

The NEMSAC was established by the Department of Transportation to provide information, advice and recommendations on matters relating to all aspects of development and implementation of EMS. The council is comprised of 25 members that collectively represent all sectors of the EMS community. The broad-based membership ensures that it has sufficient EMS system expertise as well as geographic and demographic diversity to accurately reflect the whole EMS community.

Sectors with expected openings due to term limits include:

  • Fire-based (career) EMS
  • Private EMS
  • Hospital-based EMS
  • Tribal EMS
  • Air Medical EMS
  • Local EMS Directors/Administrators
  • Trauma Surgeons
  • Highway Safety Specialists/Directors
  • EMS Data Managers
  • EMS Researchers
  • Hospital Administration
  • Public Health
  • EMS Practitioners
  • Consumers
  • State and Local Legislators.

Members serve 2-year terms and may be reappointed for one additional successive term. The council meets in plenary session approximately three to four times per year. Members will not receive pay or other compensation for their service, but are entitled to reimbursement for their travel expenses, including per diem.

How to Apply
Applicants must submit a resume or CV and at least two (2) letters of recommendation via email or mail at the addresses below. Applicants should also identify which sector or discipline they hope to represent. Nominations are open to all individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, mental or physical disability, marital status or sexual orientation.

Mail: Use only overnight mail such as UPS or FedEx to:
U.S. Department of Transportation
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Office of Emergency Medical Services
1200 New Jersey Avenue S.E., NTI-140
Washington, D.C. 20590

For further details about the application process, read the Federal Register Notice or contact Clary Mole with the NHTSA Office of EMS at or 202-366-2795. Visit for more information about current NEMSAC members and activities. Learn more. The next NEMSAC meeting will be held February 10-11, 2021. Click here to register to attend the virtual meeting.
Contact Us
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20590

2021 IAF Emerging Space Leaders Grant Programme

The International Astronautical Federation (IAF) is pleased to announce its 2021 Emerging Space Leaders (ESL) Grant Programme that provides opportunities for students and young professionals to participate in the annual International Astronautical Congress.

Students and Young Professionals between the ages of 21 and 35 on 1 January 2021 with space-related career interests are encouraged to apply for the programme. Up to twenty-five students and young professionals will be selected by the IAF to participate in the 2021 programme.

  • Who should consider applying?
    • Individuals interested in pursuing careers involving the development, application and use of space systems, space science research, the policy, legal, social and cultural aspects of space activities, international cooperation on space programmes and other similar subjects.
    • Persons who – for financial, sponsorship or other reasons – would not otherwise be able to attend an International Astronautical Congress.
    • Note: Candidates may apply regardless of their home country or current residence. While all applications will be considered, through this programme the IAF seeks to encourage the participation of young people in nations with emerging space capabilities and interests who would otherwise not be able to attend an International Astronautical Congress.
    • Young people who wish to meet and interact with other colleagues from around the world with similar interests.
    • Individuals who hope to utilize the knowledge and experiences they gain during the IAC in their own careers and in enhancing space and related activities in their home countries.
  • What does the grant include?
    • Round trip air fare between the candidate’s home/residence country and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    • Support (in kind-services or funding) for local transportation, lodging and meals during the candidate’s stay in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    • Assistance with visa arrangements provided by the IAC Local Organizing Committee and the Government of United Arab Emirates;
    • Registration to the 72nd International Astronautical Congress as well as the Space Generation Congress or the 2021 UN/IAF Workshop.
    • Mentors will provide advice on presentations at the IAC and on activities before and during the IAC to help grant recipients benefit fully from the Congress and related meetings and meet with the grant recipients during the IAC.

For more information on the 2021 ESL Grant Programme please click here
Application Deadline: 12 February 2021 15:00 Paris Time / UTC + 1:00
For detailed information, application process and requirements please download our “2021 IAF Emerging Space Leaders Grant Programme Handbook”.

Space Health and Disaster Risk Reduction Webinar

Liverpool Aviation and Space Medicine will present a webinar called “Space Health and Disaster Risk Reduction” with guest speaker Myles Harris on 16 February 2021 at 19:00 GMT. “Providing healthcare during deep space missions is exceptionally challenging. Access to telemedicine conference is limited, resources are finite and, in the event of an acute medical emergency, rapid aeromedical evacuation to Earth is not an option. Consequently, healthcare providers need to be autonomous when providing healthcare; therefore, minor injuries and illnesses require prolonged care in space. Myles will be presenting an overview of his research that is investigating interdisciplinary healthcare and disaster risk reduction in remote environments on Earth and in space.”

Australian Disaster Resilience Conference – Call for Abstracts

The disaster risk and resilience landscape is constantly evolving, and so too are the approaches we take. Meaningful community engagement and community-led approaches are essential to effectively support disaster resilience. So too are the systems, frameworks and enabling environments created through well-considered policy and coordination. 

To find the right balance, the Australian Disaster Resilience Conference returns in 2021 to explore the theme “Meeting in the middle: community voices and complex choices“. 18-19 August 2021 at the International Convention Centre, Sydney

Be part of the national conversation. Submit an abstract of no more than 300 words before 28 February 2021. Submit your abstract now.

Earth Observation and One Health Workshops

Upcoming Training Sessions

Scientific Workshop

New Safety Data Tool Available on Website

WASHINGTON – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is making it easier to research aviation safety guidance material from the Office of Aviation Safety (AVS).

The Dynamic Regulatory System (DRS) combines more than 65 document types from more than a dozen different repositories into a single searchable application. This comprehensive knowledge center centralizes the FAA’s aviation safety guidance material from the Flight Standards Information System (FSIMS) and the agency’s Regulatory Guidance System (RGL).

Each guidance document includes a link to the Code of Federal Regulations provision on which the document is based. DRS contains more than 2 million regulatory guidance documents, which can be browsed or searched. A search engine allows for basic or advanced searches and different ways to sort and view the results. The system includes pending and current versions of all documents along with their revision history. Information in the DRS is updated every 24 hours.

The DRS exceeds the requirements of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 (Public Law 115-254), to establish a centralized safety database. DRS is constantly evolving, and in the future will provide even more features, functionality and document types. It will allow the agency to eventually sunset legacy systems such as FSIMS and RGL. Subject matter experts across the global aviation community collaborated on this project.

The tool represents a giant step forward in providing consistency and standardization of regulatory interpretation by expediting research of aviation regulations and related documents. In the past, complex research projects could sometimes take days. DRS has consolidated all of this information so projects can be completed in minutes.

the ad astra vita project

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