International Humans in Space Summit 2022 – two more live virtual US panels to come!

The first two days of IHS 2022 held in-person in Sydney were a tremendous success, and the buzz amongst the attendees was awesome!

The final three days of the conference will feature pre-recorded individual presentations in the featured topic areas of:

  • Cluster 1: Space Biology, Women in Space
  • Cluster 2: Space Health, Human Spaceflight
  • Cluster 3: Space Economics, Space Governance, Space STEAM.

We are also running three live virtual panels featuring our US colleagues, and although the first one happened today, for our friends who are interested in ‘space medicine’ and ‘humans in space’, we would like to throw open the opportunity to come along and join the virtual audience (details below).

US live panel 1: ‘Space Health’: 9pm EST on Tuesday November 8th (USA) = 1pm AEDT on Wednesday 9th November. (Recording will be made available on the YouTube channel.)

US live panel 2: ‘Anaesthesia During Deep Space Missions’: 6pm CST on Wednesday 9th November (USA) = 11am AEDT on Thursday 10th November.

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android:
Meeting ID: 85985807285 and password: 180505.

US live panel 3: ‘A Human Future in Space’: 6pm EST on Thursday 10th November (USA) = 10am AEDT on Friday 11th November.

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android:
Meeting ID: 82586047569 and password: 364070.

Published by the ad astra vita project

The ad astra vita project aims to promote global space life sciences and health networking, including an annual international conference which is diverse, inclusive, and accessible, provide a resources portal related to medicine in austere and extreme environments, and offer a space health consultancy. It is a philanthropic not-for-profit initiative.

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