Featuring Mars Society Australia

MSA Goals:

Mars is within reach.  The fourth planet from the sun, the Red Planet, is a potential new frontier for humanity. It is the nearest body in the Solar System known to possess all the mineral resources necessary to sustain a permanent human presence.  It has landscapes billions of years old that can shed light on the early history of the Earth and the Solar System. Understanding of its climatic history will help scientists understand the operation of the Earth’s climate. Mars is the next most likely place in the Solar System where life may once or may still exist, the discovery of which would offer deep insights into the origins of life and the biological sciences.

In the last decade, major strides toward feasible, affordable human missions have been made and the question is no longer, “Can humans go?” but “When will humans go?”

  1. Broad public outreach to instil the vision of pioneering Mars.
  2. Support of more aggressive government funded Mars exploration programs around the world.
  3. Conducting Mars exploration on a private basis.
  4. Encourage Australian participation in planetary sciences and engineering in education, industry and government.

The MSA is undertaking comparative research and testing surface exploration strategies and technologies in renowned Mars analogue locations. Our vision is to position Australia for participation in the eventual establishment of a human presence on Mars, and to make Mars more real as a place for people everywhere.

Joining MSA

Various types of membership are available:

(As at 24 January 2020)

Membership of Mars Society Australia offers the following benefits:

  • For new members, all have the option of the following as joining gifts:
    • The latest copy of Dr Robert Zubrin’s book “The Case For Mars”, initialled by Dr. Zubrin, or
    • A copy of Guy Murphy’s book, “Mars, A Survival Guide”.
  • A reduced ticket price for AMEC (Australian Mars Exploration Conference).
  • Opportunities to meet with other MSA members at regular branch events and online..
  • Opportunities to participate in MSA activities such as Spaceward Bound Australia expeditions, and projects such as the Starchaser Rover, MarsSkin and Mars-Oz Habitat.
  • The knowledge that you’re supporting Australia’s most pro-active and well-respected space advocacy group.

MSA has branches all around Australia, and there is a wealth of information about events, resources, research and education on the MSA website: https://www.marssociety.org.au/.

Published by the ad astra vita project

The ad astra vita project aims to promote global space life sciences and health networking, including an annual international conference which is diverse, inclusive, and accessible, provide a resources portal related to medicine in austere and extreme environments, and offer a space health consultancy. It is a philanthropic not-for-profit initiative.

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