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Impressio Librorum (Book Printing), plate 4 from the Nova Reperta (New Inventions of Modern Times), c. 1580–1605, engraving by Theodoor Galle after a drawing by Jan van der Straet, c. 1550; in the British Museum. Photograph, J.R. Freeman & Co. Ltd.

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October/November 2019
The Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF), a South Australian advanced manufacturing hub specialising in microfluidic sensors, has partnered with NASA to help Australian researchers develop develop health assessment tools for space travellers – sensors to monitor health through the testing of bodily fluids such as sweat and saliva.
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Space Health Symposium

The ad astra vita project and Mars Society Australia present a virtual Space Health Symposium on Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 October 2020 (via Zoom – free registration).

COVID-19 Pandemic

Here are some resources collated from providing public health advice (covers international statistics and USA and Australia-specific). (The text for resources 3-7 was provided by The Hill website.) International WHO situation reports The Hill – Here are some of the best maps to track the coronavirus epidemic Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 dashboard Johns Hopkins University hasContinue reading “COVID-19 Pandemic”

“Yes, it is a press, certainly, but a press from which shall soon flow in inexhaustible streams the most abundant and most marvellous liquor that has ever flowed to relieve the thirst of man! Through it God will spread His Word. A spring of pure truth shall flow from it! Like a new star, it shall scatter the darkness of ignorance, and cause a light heretofore unknown to shine among men.”

Lines written in the Gutenberg Bible by Johannes Gutenberg

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~ The Hubble Ultra Deep Field image was produced by NASA and the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) (accessed 6 January 2020)
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