Australian Space Agency SMLS Consultation Reminder – closing soon!

Space Medicine and Life Sciences capability consultation Do you work in cutting-edge medtech, clinical health, or biomedical and life sciences research that could support human space activities in orbit or on the Moon? If so, the Australian Space Agency is seeking your input in our Future Space Medicine and Life Sciences Capability Consultation. Your inputContinue reading “Australian Space Agency SMLS Consultation Reminder – closing soon!”

COSMOS 90 – It’s time: “A shot at the Moon”

Our founder Dr Rowena Christiansen was delighted to be interviewed earlier this year by journalist Tory Shepherd for an article on Australia and space in the latest issue of COSMOS Magazine. The article features a number of Australians talking about local capacity to contribute to the next ‘moonshot’. Rowena is featured in this excerpt fromContinue reading “COSMOS 90 – It’s time: “A shot at the Moon””

International Women’s Day 2021

Happy International Women’s Day! The theme of World Space Week (4-10 October) this year will be “Women in Space”. The Women in Space Chapter (WiSC) ( celebrates with a new webpage ( highlighting members contributing to the Australian space sector. WiSC members are professionally engaged in space science, engineering, medicine, communication, law, business, education, governanceContinue reading “International Women’s Day 2021”

CAPCOM News: from the SGAC, ESA, the GEO Health CoP and Amity University

Images of the Perseverance landing site from NASA The SpaceOps conference will be held in a virtual format this year on the date 3-5 May. SGAC, together with SpaceOps, organizes the Students and Young Professionals activities on the day after the conference. Join us for a Cubesat workshop and Speed Networking session! When: 6th MayWhat: CubesatContinue reading “CAPCOM News: from the SGAC, ESA, the GEO Health CoP and Amity University”

Call for new ESA Astronauts

If you are interested, or even just curious, the European Space Agency – ESA Astronaut Recruitment website is now live: Some exciting developments include an emphasis on diversity and inclusion, and a new “Parastronaut Feasibility Project”. If you might be eligible to apply, the FAQ page is a great resource. Video of the pressContinue reading “Call for new ESA Astronauts”

CAPCOM News – January 25, 2021

Food for Thought The planet is dying faster than we thoughtBy Brandon SpecktorA triple-threat of climate change, biodiversity loss and overpopulation is bearing down on the Earth. Explainer: what influences air temperature? (Australian Bureau of Meteorology)Air temperature matters to us all, every day. We dress to be comfortable in it. We carry out our business activities,Continue reading “CAPCOM News – January 25, 2021”