ASBX2021 STEAM Competitions

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Call for competition entries!

The ASBX team is proud to present an exciting opportunity for young people and students interested in space exploration. This year we are providing three engaging competitions for students and young people from 3 years upwards so all students and young researchers have a chance to participate and get involved. These competitions are interdisciplinary, (comma) and promote education in the fields of space and S.T.E.A.M.: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Students can get involved in one or all of our competitions: Space StorySpace Art, or present their own research project at our conference this year!

For more information, and to see each of our competitions and abstract submission information, please visit our website at

The deadlines will range from 15 October – 1 November 2021, depending on category.

Space Story: Creative Writing Competition

You can pick a category from space governance,  space biology + health and space technology, and the question you want to answer. Come up with the most creative, logical, or funniest answer you can think of in 500 words! Please visit:

Space Art: Art Competition

You can submit any piece of art or design that is space-themed. In particular, we have a special challenge to create a “patch” with a focus on landing back on the Moon, so if you have any great patch ideas for a Moon Mission we want to see it! 

Please visit:

Young Investigators in Space STEAM

Student and Young Researcher Presentations

Calling all Young Space Investigators! Do you have a space- related research, art based, or engineering based project you want to share at an international conference with space agencies, astronauts, scientists, engineers, and more? 

Please visit:

Good Luck to everyone, we are looking forward to your entries! 

From the ASBX Team

The Space Show – “Risk and Rewards: The Dawning of a New Era of Commercial Spaceflight”

This coming Saturday August 14th at 12:00 CEST, join Dr Mindy Howard of Inner Space Training and Blue Abyss, Dr Dorit Donoviel, Executive Director of TRISH, our Founder, Dr Rowena Christiansen, and the Founder of the Space Show, Thi Hien Nguyen, for a fascinating panel discussion about the new era of commercial spaceflight.

Register free for your ticket at:

AIAA Adelaide Professionals Chapter: Experiences from Industry – Space Medicine

This coming Saturday 7 August, join our founder Dr Rowena Christiansen, Dr Alicia Tucker and final year medical student Vienna Tran to hear them talking about their careers and journeys into the area of space medicine. Come along to hear three (hopefully fascinating) stories about what inspired them and the paths that they have taken to reach their current waypoints. Many thanks to the AIAA Adelaide Chapter for the kind invitation! 😊

This is a free event – register through Eventbrite:

Australian Space Biology x Health Summit, 16-19 November 2021

Last year the ad astra vita project’s inaugural Space Health Symposium proved to be a great success, and this year we are very proud to be part of the Australian Space Biology x Health Summit, ASBX2021 – Human Future.

The Summit will be held from 16-19 November 2021. It will be free and a hybrid format, with a mixture of pre-recorded presentations and live panels. It is also hoped to begin the conference with an in-person day in Sydney.

The ASBX 2021 is the world’s largest space biology x health summit that will focus on key areas of human biology and health. The Summit brings together the world’s finest minds in space biology and health development to speak on these cutting-edge topics.  This year we have partnered with the Australian Space Health Symposium to present ASBX 2021. We are here to help researchers, business professionals, and government agencies to understand, identify and stay informed to deliver truly effective solutions for space.”

The Summit will not only include space biology and health, but also space governance. technologies and the space economy. It promises a fantastic mixture of speakers and presentations.

To register for the Summit and to subscribe to the newsletter, visit this link. Updates will be released via the newsletter, and will be sent to all registrants.

ABSX 2021″ “Human Future” – the website is live!

We are proud to announce that the website for ASBX 2021: “Human Future”, is now live! The Third Australian Space Biology x Health Summit will be held from 16-19 November 2021 as a free hybrid event.

Visit the website to learn more, register for online and/or in-person attendance (one day event), or to consider sponsorship of the Summit‘s Christmas charity drive to provide space-themed LEGO sets for children in hospital.

ASBX 2021: Human Future

3rd Australian Space Biology x Health Summit

Exciting news! This year the Space Health Symposium has merged with the Australian Space Biology Symposium to present the 3rd Australian Space Biology x Health Summit from 16-19 November 2021, with a stellar international cast of presenters and panellists. For more information, and to register (online and in-person available), go to: The Summit website will be going live soon – stand by!

Australian Space Agency SMLS Consultation Reminder – closing soon!

Space Medicine and Life Sciences capability consultation

Do you work in cutting-edge medtech, clinical health, or biomedical and life sciences research that could support human space activities in orbit or on the Moon? If so, the Australian Space Agency is seeking your input in our Future Space Medicine and Life Sciences Capability Consultation.

Your input will help inform the development of the Agency’s Space Medicine and Life Sciences Roadmap. It will also be used to shape potential future opportunities for space access or funding, and ensure other opportunities align with the space industry’s current or planned activities.

Due to strong interest from stakeholders, the consultation is now open until 21 March 2021. The consultation will provide an overview of the ambitions and plans of the Australian space industry, and inform a roadmap for SMLS investment, collaboration and growth. Read more.

COSMOS 90 – It’s time: “A shot at the Moon”

Our founder Dr Rowena Christiansen was delighted to be interviewed earlier this year by journalist Tory Shepherd for an article on Australia and space in the latest issue of COSMOS Magazine. The article features a number of Australians talking about local capacity to contribute to the next ‘moonshot’.

Rowena is featured in this excerpt from the article, “A shot at the Moon”.

COSMOS, “The Science of Everything” is a respected Australian quarterly science magazine published by the Royal Institution of Australia (RIA). It also provides digital access to subscribers, and free daily and weekly science newsletters. Please consider subscribing – we are proud to be long-term supporters. COSMOS also accepts tax-deductible donations.